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The Black Hack Second Edition $6.00
Publisher: Gold Piece Publications
by Raymond W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/27/2018 19:49:10

The organization, layout and visual presentation are perfect. A lot of the rules are great and innovative. But I have one problem: 2nd edition tries to "fix" the armor rules from the 1st edition, and it makes things worse. Now, your armor is rated with an Armor Value, which give is an equivalent pool of D6 Armor Dice. Characters "burn" these dice to ignore the damage of a hit, and after a short rest, they roll these dice to see if they recover. On a roll higher than the AV, the die recovers. Otherwise, you'll have to repair it later.

Got that? So now your armor has several separate stats you have to track, because most of them change:

  • Armor Value: This one doesn't change, at least.
  • Broken Dice: The number of dice that have been spent to negate damage.
  • Damaged Dice: The number of Broken Dice which did not recover when given a chance.

So now we're tracking all kinds of armor information. Plus, if you're wearing plate, then you probably need to get repairs every other fight, since these mechanics cause it to be worse at recovering than less protective armor. Not exactly the lightweight and intuitive experience that TBH otherwise provides.

Still, it's easy enough to use the old rules for armor, or substitute whatever you like. I like the idea of using an armor usage die.

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The Black Hack Second Edition
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