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Deadlands Reloaded: The Fright Before Christmas Pay What You Want
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Michael P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/20/2018 16:41:01

Another fantastic adventure from our friends at pinnacle entertainment. Like most deadlands adventures this maintains an atmosphere of horror and creepiness in the weird west but this one i think did something different. You aren't gunslingin hot shot cow pokes, you're a bunch of orphans little under 10 years old. My only complaint is the picture on the front cover could be better, looks a bit too photoshop. There are some inspirations from figures like krampus but this isn't a krampus adventure. It'll fit in an ongoing campaign but making the posse play as a bunch of orphans is too good to pass up.

Merry Christmas Y'all

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Deadlands Reloaded: The Fright Before Christmas
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