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Forbidden Lands Core Game $24.99
Publisher: Free League Publishing
by Darren S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/18/2018 03:00:19

I wish this book could have existed 20 years ago when I was first introduced to roleplay. I think it would remain my favorite to this day. Not to dismiss it compared to today's standards, but I believe this game is a love-letter to old school gaming.

For those players who reminisce about the "good old days" of roleplay and try to recreate the experience of classic gaming, this game is definitely for you. I don't think the visual style and pacing would appeal as much to younger gamers who grew up with video games and movies that spoiled their imagination (no offense intended), but for a gamer my age or older (I'm 38) this game is a true treasure. I love the black and white artwork - it inspires me and fills me with wonderful nostalgia.

While I encourage you to purchase the PDF to review the game yourself, I strongly recommend purchasing the printed box set, as the actual books are beautiful and charming. Check out a video on Youtube of someone else opening the set to understand what I mean.

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Forbidden Lands Core Game
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