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Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat
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Publisher: Mongoose
by Justin M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/20/2010 07:14:13

I bought this ruleset on a whim, but have found it to be a surprisingly fun and enjoyable wargame. The rules are simple and easy to pickup, and gameplay is quick and easy to resolve. The rules are for the most part quite clear, and well written, with little confusion. There is a mistake in the book we found, in the USMC and USarmy lists, which have the Striker vehicle costing 240pts, when all the other armies have APCs costing far less. The solution is to simply halve the Striker's value, which seems to bring the points in line with other units of similar type. Regarding points, I'm not sure Mongoose actually bothered to develop a formula for assigning points, or rather just assigned points arbitrarily. This doesn't detract from the game itself, and for the most part I've found the current point values to be fairly balanced. On gameplay, the rules emphasize cover (as every modern game should), and allow a unit to make reactions when certain events occur (eliminating some of the worst elements of a UGOIGO turn system.) Air units are handled well in the game, which is remarkable for miniature wargame. The only issue with gameplay I have is that morale is not covered, but adding in a morale element is not difficult. As a final note, the game is presented as a 28mm wargame, but changing the scale to 15mm does not break the game, in fact myself and others who have played it at 15mm believe that the longer weapon ranges are more indicative of a true modern firefight.

All in all, a solid wargame that can be played inside of two hours. Simple but not simplistic.

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Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat
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