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CthulhuTech Quick-Start Rules $0.00
Publisher: WildFire
by Dillard R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/13/2010 20:22:04

It's free so it is definitely worth the price. As a quick start this is one of the best out there. The rules are comprehensive enough to run the obligatory scenario. The art is exceptional. The rules are simple and elegant. I like the simplicity of the d10 system and the broad range of possibilities that it takes account of without being overbearing.

The setting is intriguing. There is alot in this set of rules enough to whet the appetite while leaving you wanting more.

I didn't really know anything about the system before I downloaded this. It was hard to figure out that it was a d10 system because the refrence was hidden in a rather obscure passage before the disscussion of the rules began in earnest. This cost me some time.

Overall this intrigued me enough that I will probably buy the core rule book.

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CthulhuTech Quick-Start Rules
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