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Troll in the Corner's Magical Emporium: Masks of Magic & More! [PFRPG] Pay What You Want
Publisher: Troll in the Corner
by Jen P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/08/2010 14:39:51

As a long time D&D player who converted to Pathfinder the day the source book became available, I can happily say I very much enjoyed this supplement!

I can't wait to unleash the Sword of Minkin'Mar on my party.

There are four masks (five if you count the special orcs only addition) and five additional magical items which I think will add a lot of flavor to our campaign.

The only reason I've given this four stars out of five is that it may not be the best for an inexperienced GM. It leaves a lot of wiggle room for these various items in terms of how they'll be implemented in the game. Personally, I like that but inexperienced GMs may find it hard to place these items effectively in their campaign.

The items runt he gamut from inexpensive and good for low level characters to powerful and great for higher level characters. The one cursed item, the Heart Plug is pretty nasty!

Certainly worth a dollar.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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Troll in the Corner's Magical Emporium: Masks of Magic & More! [PFRPG]
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