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Wormskin Issue 3 $5.00
Publisher: Necrotic Gnome
by K H A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/09/2018 14:14:55

Dolmenwood is an unique setting with a wierd fairy tale vibe. This issue of Wormskin delves into more hex descriptions which are brief but useful. Also detailed is the witch ring and its purpose. A bit of history is provided as well as the languages used for the setting (an important detail in older versions of the great game). The highlight is the service level of the most notable "dungeon" in Dolmenwood: the Abby of St Clewd. There are several interesting things going on and the adventures might first visit with no intention going deeper. The GM could introduce the dungeon with a low level quest (most likely find a missing person). The adventurers could complete that quest and think they know enough, or they could get hints of something more.

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Wormskin Issue 3
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