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Future Armada: Argos III $8.50
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by Tim B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/24/2010 05:41:36

Whilst this has been built for a specific background, I bought it hoping I could use it for my Hyperlite campaigns, needing deckplans for deep-space stations or orbital corporate headquarters. It was a shot in the dark, a hope, but one informed by a like of other ki-ryn products.

And it is a shot that has been, in the well-worn cliche, richly rewarded.

The PDF has what it says on the tin - b&w and colour versions, separate files for the graphics (really useful as player handouts - a nice touch), sector info (which I haven't bothered to look at, tbh, and probably won't; use), space port fighter stats and plan, and standard shuttle stats and plan. All of this is accompanied by a lengthy written overview and key.

Firstly, it's BIG. Though I'm generally a bit wary about reusable sections, those in this product have sufficient - excellent - variety, yet a sensible "manufactured" standardisation such that this isn't a problem. There is a whole range of different sections - quarters, power plants, open spaces, shops, prison cells, docking bays, security/guard rooms... it just goes on. Whilst sections seem quite cramped, the corridors narrow and the layout squeezed in, I really like the feel: perfect for a cost-constrained civilisation trying to cram everything it needs into an affordable construct.

A lot of though has been put into what's needed on such a station and on making it easy to use. The end-to-end, circular layouts (there are three) split up into sections with a useful key showing just where each bit is located.

Downside: d20 OGL only and own universe only - perhaps a little bit too much influenced by the cyberpunk/organised crime milieu for a more generic product. A pity this hasn't got Traveller OGL stats, but this is definitely NOT enough of a gripe to reduce it from "Good" to anything lower.

Overall: If you need a deep space station, don't worry but just get this and use it as a template. Excellent.

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Future Armada: Argos III
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