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Blades in the Dark $20.00
Publisher: One Seven
by Alexander F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/01/2018 15:01:27

An extremely different and interesting approach to RPGs. I really enjoyed the flashback system, clocks, character improvement system, character load and gear, and the game's overall philosophy of jumping directly into the action.

Sadly, we had a hard time actually playing it, but that came down to my GM difficulties with improvising fast enough, insufficient worldbuilding, vague guidelines for consequences, and not developing interesting non-player characters. Most of that was a problem due to a lack of my own preparation, because I had thought the worldbuilding was more concrete, rather than a guideline. I may run another game someday, but I'll have a lot more preparation then. Just be warned that GMs will probably still need a lot of prep work.

That said, this is the gold standard for criminal heists, and has dramatically changed what I want in my RPGs.

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Blades in the Dark
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