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HarnMaster Religion $29.99
Publisher: Columbia Games Inc.
by Simon S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/27/2010 18:40:29

Set out like all Columbia Games/harn products with the sidebars and wonderful presentation in colour. It feels like a series of summaries, enough to get a priest up and running with a handful of spells each. Harn is a low magic setting so don't expect too much fancy magic in this one. Piety Points (from HM3) are finally explained here, but still left me feeling slightly confused.

Borderline value for money but leaves you wanting more. You might be able to get by without this one but at some stage you're going to want a priest. If you're using harnmaster in a no-magic setting, such as medieval England, the you could give this one a miss.

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HarnMaster Religion
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