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Publisher: Heroic Journey Publishing
by Nathan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/27/2010 16:01:53

Mecha is the best mecha RPG I have seen, hands down. I have struggled for years looking for or trying to shoe-horn other games to capture the feel of mecha anime, but too often they are either RPG's that get bogged down in the mechanical details of mecha construction, or tactical simulations with roleplaying elements tacked on. Not so in this product. Here we have a game that is built from the ground up to handle both roleplaying and tactical combat with simple, straightforward rules. Play is divided into episodes and each episode is broken into a "personal scene" and a "combat" scene. In Personal scenes each character has a spotlight scene doing something you are interested in. I particularly like how "success" in a roleplay scene gives you a bonus in a future combat scene. In combat scenes you put down a "bullseye" map and play out the tactical encounter. Rules such as "overdrive" and "cut scenes" mean that the cool action and description don't end when you put the map down though - when you roll really well you get another spotlight scene to describe the awesome thing your character just did! Overall, I am impressed; The personal scenes are very roleplay driven - there is only ever one die roll made, at the end of the scene, and players who don't have a character in the scene get to be the "npc's"; Combat is tactical but not overly complex (it concentrates on the important "scenes" and doesn't get bogged down); And the sample mecha are pretty damn cool! I am really looking forward to the full game - check out this quickstart NOW!

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MECHA - Quickstart
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