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Four-Color to Fantasy (Revised) $9.95 $4.98
Publisher: EN Publishing
by Jason C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/15/2010 12:54:03

Four Color to Fantasy was one of the first superheroic games to come out during the d20 boom and it showed a bit in its earlier edition. This, the Revised Edition, cleans up the system and presentation quite a bit, while expanding it further.

Essentially, 4C2F is a bolt-on system to D&D Third Edition. It can be used as a standalone or in conjunction with the 3E class rules. The core engine that 4C2F introduces is the "hero" class, which gives the character points which can be spent on superpowers, similar to many other point-buy superhero systems. Thus, if you want to introduce superheroics into your fantasy system, you might have a Fighter 3/Hero 6, to reflect, say, an experienced soldier who was given an alien power ring after rescuing a crashed pilot.

Fantasy in the D&D mold and superheroics have a lot in common - the heroes may or may not be paragons, but they are a cut above the common folks, and they take it on themselves to protect the innocent. Often they have magical powers and loads of cash. And the setup for most adventures is similar: here is a problem, it threatens people who can't protect themselves, and there's an opportunity for you to do good.

The "hero" class can also stand on its own, allowing a more modern-day presentation, with some substitution of skills.

Impressively, this purchase contains two versions of the material: first, a landscape format with graphics and bookmarks, intended to be used on-screen for those that use laptops at the table. The second is a more printer-friendly, bare-bones format without graphics, bookmarks or color. Rather than try to adapt a single file to two purposes, EN Publishing has really embraced the idea of customization for different methods of use at the table.

4C2F is a classic, with all the good and bad that entails. At ten dollars, you really owe it to yourself to see how d20 superheroics got its first nod, and the versatility of the purchase at the table is a major plus. I'm giving this one my highest rating because it has stood the test of time and I still reach for it when I'm thinking of superheroic fantasy.

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Four-Color to Fantasy (Revised)
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