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Beyond Countless Doorways
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Publisher: Malhavoc Press
by Jason C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/08/2005 12:18:25

This was one of my first purchased from I had purchased Malhavoc's products in the past from, so I knew I was in for a good quality supplement. And I got one.

The advertisement of this as a "Planescape reunion" may be true, but this book does something that the Planescape books didn't do and always needed to - give a grab bag of cool planes to visit and hooks for adventures in each one. Planescape was a very big game with a lot to grasp, so the authors didn't have space to throw in a grab bag, they had to cover the hells, the elemental planes, and so on, before they could get to anything so fun.

And that's what this book is - it's fun. The planejumping ideas and advice in the first and last chapters are okay. They could stand to be expanded significantly and linked with other sorts of campaign structures, the "city game", the "organization game" that Planescape often reached for with its well-detailed factions...but that is something for another time. These sections are basically just grafted on to the meat of the book which is a huge set of different planes, each from 5-10 pages of description, adventure hooks, and interesting things to do with them.

As a brainstorming implement, this PDF is brilliant, as a gazetteer for crazy places to go and crazy things to do, it's unsurpassed. It's not Planescape - don't buy it thinking it is. It's something new, and that something is really great. Everyone involved in this project should be proud.

PDF features include a table of contents and searchable text. The pages are clearly laid out and print quickly and easily. There's some art.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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Beyond Countless Doorways
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