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Call to Arms: Gallant $1.75
Publisher: Crafty Games
by Robert G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/12/2010 10:45:41

The Gallant is a solid archetype and this class supports it well. The Gallant blends style and melee. Many of the abilities focus on personal combat with special characters (villains and such). Compared to the Edgemaster, which blends style and combat very effectively, this class seems a little heavy, more like a combat monster with a few Courtier abilities thrown in. Even compared to the Soldier's upper level abilities, the Gallant gives me some pause. Particularly, I am not sure how well a Musketeers themed game would play out if multiple players chose the Gallant; would I continue to assign NPCs tricks (free XP!) or ruthlessly excise meaningless abilities (Take that! Your class abilities have been rendered useless)? Still, it's a fun class that, like so many other Crafty designs, actively encourages players to do the things appropriate for their archetype, in this case, squaring off against formidable foes and shaking down old friends for special favors.

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Call to Arms: Gallant
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