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In the Shadows
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Publisher: Chaosium
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/10/2010 14:14:30

I somehow missed this one when it first came out back in 1995, but I noticed here on DriveThruRPG's web page and decided to give it a whirl since it stated that it was designed more for new characters and I am in the process of breaking in some new players.

The three scenarios do seem like they would be easily played by less experienced investigators and enough material is presented to make it very easy for the Keeper to play the scenes. There are a large number of handouts and sufficient plot twists to permit the players to pursue a non-linear investigative approach to the scenarios. Even events that are supposed to happen in some kind of chronological order are organized so that the Keeper may be flexible in their presentation.

Overall, I have to give this PDF a three. Not because of the material, but rather because of the reproduction. Generally the quality of the reproduction is up to DriveThruRPG's usual impeccable standards, however the gray backgrounds of some of the handouts combined with a darker gray lettering make several of them VERY difficult to read. I could have wished for a greater contrast to be selected for this particular item to ensure it was easy to read. Since the original apparently did not include a separate "handouts" section (unlike the vast majority of Chaosium supplements) at the back, there is no "second chance" at any of the handouts, which means most if not all will have to be reproduced in some way by the Keeper if the players are to find them useful.

This was another PDF I found it impossible to download through the normal link process thanks to my Internet Service Provider. Once again, however, DriveThruRPG's superb customer service team came through for me with flying colors and ensured I got my product! Way to go DriveThru!

In a way, I'm sorry I have to hit this PDF with a three -- the overall quality of DriveThruRPG's work and their world-class customer service actually deserve better than this PDF allows me to give them!

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In the Shadows
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