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EMG Mapper $10.00
Publisher: Emerald Giant
by Christopher B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/06/2010 16:00:54

I bought the EMG Mapper several weeks ago. It is a very good random map generator. There are many options and it is really good to get good ideas for visual design of your dungeon. My only problem is I would like to save the map for use in my Campaign management software. I emailed support twice about this and have heard nothing from them not even a reply stating we have received your emails. I am taking one point off for lack of support. Disregarding that this a great random dungeon generator. At the moment if you want to save the file I would wait or try something different until there is a way to save the map.

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Creator Reply:
The lack of support complaint is both fair and unfortunate. I'm a mostly one-man operation, and was blissfully unaware that emails to my support-addressed emails were not reaching me. I only get one or two support requests in a year (out of many hundreds of customers and growing), so I had no reason to go looking for problems. I have made sure that the link is now working: Apologies, and my assurance that when there is a problem, I will work hard to make it right.

Have fun out there,

Randy Baker
Emerald Giant Software
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EMG Mapper
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