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Propz: Dungeon Features $4.50 $4.05
Publisher: Arid Hills Gaming
by Warren H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/13/2010 17:50:19

Props Dungeon Features

What you get:

35 page PDF file with 2 pages being what tools you’ll need and how to cut, fold and glue the models. All the artwork is outstanding, so much so it can look intimidating however if you take your time and follow the directions the models aren’t that hard. As for the directions they are easy to follow being step by step with accompanying photographs. While not a complaint you do need to be aware to get the awesome artwork your printer will use a fair amount of ink but the resulting models are worth it.

The Models

  • 3 altars
  • 2 kinds of tables
  • 4 kinds of benches
  • 4 kinds of chairs
  • double door and archway
  • pool in a basin
  • 2 kinds of pillars
  • stone staircase
  • spiral staircase
  • wooden staircase
  • 2 kinds of treasure chests
  • 6 2”x2” floor tiles 3 pits and 3 depicting the 3 staircase models
  • Stone floor mat

Warren Henderson

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Propz: Dungeon Features
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