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World of Darkness: Book of the Dead $17.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Scott M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/23/2010 15:47:57

Although much of the content here is admittedly Geist-centric, 'Book of the Dead' does an admirable job of extending support to devotees of the other core lines, as well as those whose interest lies with mere mortals. The various World of Darkness books are frequently at their best when they weave their fictional webs through elements of real world history and mythology, and the work here is an excellent example of that.

Particular note must be made of the art - always a highlight - but the imagery here is especially impressive and consistently evokes the feeling of what might be pressed upon your mind in a trip to the underworld. Layout, font & typeface are all up to White Wolf's usual standards and the book is both pleasing to the eye and nicely arranged for easy reference.

For someone with a neglible interest in the themes presented in Geist, this would obviously track somewhat lower but for those whose interests cross multiple product lines, there is more then enough content and inspiration here to nurture many happy storytelling sessions, if not ample happy endings to dark underworld journeys.

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World of Darkness: Book of the Dead
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