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Coriolis - The Third Horizon Core Book $24.99
Publisher: Free League Publishing
by dom l. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/12/2018 17:52:20

I just love this setting. The factions are not all one-dimensional and mystery of the portal builders is very intriguing. Also, the rules system is very smooth and deadly enough for the kind of game i like to play. My group has a few roleplaying beginners and after Uncharted Worlds were looking for something with more robust rules without being overwhelmed to continue our story. Boy am I glad I discovered Coriolis. Everyone at our table loves it and we will be playing it for a while. I especially like the space combat. The creators did an amazing job and put together a beautiful book. They have something to be proud of here. You will not be disappointed. Buy this book!

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Coriolis - The Third Horizon Core Book
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