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Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth Campaign Setting (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible) $24.95 $9.99
Publisher: Metal & Myth, LLC
by Robyn N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/31/2009 12:32:11

Dredan – Realm of Metal and Myth PDF Questions and observations:

  1. I cannot print this??? Makes it hard for an old timer like me who likes to read in bed at night!
  2. Page 26 – BLUs: Multi-tasking penalty? Thought this was eliminated in Pathfinder (this seems to be an old 3.x throwback).
  3. Page 26 – BLUs: Minus HP and you die (Pathfinder uses the -10 or constitution before death standard, why the change here?).
  4. Page 27 – Felonian (not sure of the name – too close to Felons/criminals), I rather like the aspect that they must return to home planet within days equal to their player levels or they die, seems rather restrictive though, might make that weeks rather than days. These are your Ascended good guys in this campaign, think Vorlons from Babylon 5.
  5. Ah! Page 28 – Felonians can take a crystal to allow them to stay longer off planet, Ok, this means that the PC needs this dependent material to really play off their home world, meaning there is leverage against them and leaves room for scenario hooks.
  6. Void creation: too many pages devoted to this in the player race section. A lot of this seems to be a fluff.
  7. Early parts of the book seem by focusing very much on the Void, to the extent that the book might be encouraging evil play or characters (Pages 30-55).
  8. Ok, so far this campaign world seems to be a G vs E campaign setting (Everything Positive Energy vs the Negative Energy Void).
  9. Syntenetics = Cybernetics (just another name). Another way for a character to grow is to receive Syntenetic enhancements (Cybernetics) whether from the positive realm or the negative realm. Or the new player race is robots, though these are called BLUs (or Basic Life Units).
  10. Lots of the newly identified spells are simple replacements of existing good and evil with Positive and Negative Energy.
  11. So Crystals are the basis for all core energy in this domain, whether its technology based or magic based.
  12. Overall a good mix of information that would allow someone who collects both the Travellor T20 system books and the new Pathfinder RPG to build on a new level of adventures.
  13. This whole book is an interesting melding of Travellor and Pathfinder. A skilled GM should find a gold mine here to expand either a low tech level Pathfinder campaign and bring those characters out to the stars, or an existing High Tech Travellor campaign and introduce it to Magic.

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Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth Campaign Setting (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible)
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