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Tome of Secrets $9.95
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Larry B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/27/2009 12:49:08

A great book. A can't miss for anyone looking to add something different to their game. 3 new races and 8 new classes. The classes are for the most part variants on other classes. In a good way though. If you want to play a knight you have a better, more flavorful option here, than just say making a fighter and choosing the options you think a knight should have.

I primarily bought this, because it was recommended to me for the chase rules, and I was not disapointed. The chase rules are rather complex. That is a good thing as it covers any eventuality that could arise. But you can just use the parts that apply to your situation at the time. Players don't even need to know the chase rules at all. If they are involved in a chase, they just need to tell the GM what they want to do and the GM finds the manuever that fits.

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Tome of Secrets
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