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Delta Green: Handler's Screen $9.99
Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/05/2018 08:41:52

Never mind the game, it's nice to have someplace to squirrel away your notes and roll dice where players cannot see them... and if it has something useful to contribute that's even better!

This one has four panels. The side for the Handler has various useful tables, presented in a somewhat jumbled way reminiscent of a hastily-assembled pin-board - it's worth becoming familiar with where everything is before you need to refer to it in the heat of play.

The tables include a range of ones for using skills, including some useful advice - "Don't roll dice if things are calm and under control, do roll dice if it's a crisis and things are out of control" - as well as loads of ideas for modifiers to use depending on the situation and how hard the thing being accomplished happens to be. There are also combat actions and combat modifiers, a whole selection of other ways to do damage to the party, and finally one panel on SAN and the lack thereof... all the game mechanics you're going to need neatly tabulated.

The player side is a collage of rather blurry artwork, the best bit of which is an image of someone practising on the shooting range. Either a distraction as you try to figure out what the rest is, or something you'll get tired of looking at really quickly.

You also get a copy of the quickstart module Need to Know, which can be obtained for free as a PDF download, so this seems quite highly priced for the downloadable version. Best go for the hard copy version so you don't have to print the thing out and get a paperback copy of Need to Know into the bargain.

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Delta Green: Handler's Screen
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