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Quantum Black Core Rules : Revised Edition
Publisher: Quantum Black Games
by Louis C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/11/2018 06:59:56

I've been a fan of Ubiquity powered games since discovering Hollow Earth Expedition and Leagues of Adventure. The simply d2 dicepool system that it employs and the innovative "take the average" mechanic makes for fast and smooth gameplay without loosing granularity in the mechanics. Initially I was skeptical about using a game that powered pulp adventures so perfectly for horror but the excellent Leagues of Gothic Horror put paid to that fear and I've been impressed by the versatility of the system.

Quantum Black was initially not a game that I was particularly interested in and I didn't back the original Kickstarter. I backed it's first expansion (Dark Designs) partly out of a desire for completionism of Ubiquity games and partly because I thought it would be useful for modern gear, etc for when I regularly hack HEX into different eras. On reading the corebook though I was really impressed by both the mechanical tweaks to allow for horror to really affect the characters and for the world itself and I now find myself really looking forward to running the game.

The setting is near future and provides a way to give missions to players (they all work for the shadowy Quantum Black organisation) without giving them legal authority or carte blanche to go in guns blazing. Horror is often about setting up tension within the players and this sense of needing to complete a mission, stop the horrors and their minions and yet avoid detection by the authorities or upset their employers does that before the group even know what it is they are supposed to be investigating. It also lends itself to both one shots and also episodic campaign play without needing to railroad players which is definitely a positive in my book.

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Quantum Black Core Rules : Revised Edition
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