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Ascendant Destiny $17.99
Publisher: Krunchy Games
by Lewis D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/03/2018 21:39:25

A remarkable RPG system with a lot of depth.

The Ascendant Destiny book contains thirteen wonderfully illustrated chapters that detail character creation/advancement, four chapters of spells, game rules and even advanced/optional rules. Not only does the book contain the rules you need it to play it also has guides on how to create new rules (create new spells for example) and a guide for creating and balancing combat encounters.

There seems to be a lot of room to develop characters from 'low level' to epic characters, with tonnes of different abilities and spells. Some of the epic-level abilities look very exciting particularly the Divine Feats and spells like 'whirling death' which enables you to make a full attack at everyone around you!

I can't wait to try this system with my group next time I GM.

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Ascendant Destiny
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