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Forgotten Magical Items Volume II (1000 Miscellaneous Magic Items) $9.95 $7.50
Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon
by Zak S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/04/2009 22:49:42

x.p. 100 G.P. $9.95 Upon initial inspection, this will appear to be an ordinary pdf download containing verbal descriptions of various magical items. Anyone with an intelligence of 9 or higher will notice that the majority of these are redundant or uninteresting. However, d4+1 hours of sorting through the repetitive (dozens of magical-furnishing-that-if-you-sleep-on-them-give-you-the-benefits-of-a-full-night's-rest or cooking-utensils-that-provide-infinite-food), uninspired (endless "__s of ___" that just raise an ability score a point or two), cartoony (lots of little things that instantly grow into dragons--or bears or eagles or tigers), jokey ("toga of party readiness") and inane (thinly-disguised contemporary technological objects like copy machines or tanning oil) entries will allow the DM to find d4x10 items that are actually interesting and might be usable in a game ("shoes of many footprints", dancing powder). Whether this is worth 9.95 is left to the DM's discretion.

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Creator Reply:
I love this book, as do the 30 plus players who have received magic items from it. (They are usually wowed by things found in it.) Sure there are tongue-in-cheek items that magically mimic modern items such as the “Cube of Illusions,” that emulates a modern T.V. (FYI not so very different then any Harry Potter Movie.) But there is also a vast volume of completely original and useful major and minor items. Such as “Lip Stick of Dragon Breath,” “Cloak of the Octopus,” Boots of Far Striding,” “Belt of Super Hero Powers,” Brush of Hair Coloring and Style,” Totem of Animal Control” etc, etc… (Really way too much to list here.) With 1000 magic items, some items might seem similar, but given the volume of this work, the redundancy is minimal when compared to other books of this type. Not every GM will like every item in this book, and not all items are suitable to give all players in all situations. (Some items were meant to be stationary items, others quest items, others artifact to be destroyed or to help create an interesting role-playing situation.) If a GM can’t find at least 500 items worth giving their players, they are either not looking, or simply don’t like giving their players magic. Nuff, said. XP 1,000,000,000+!
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Forgotten Magical Items Volume II (1000 Miscellaneous Magic Items)
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