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Bone Chiller (Trade Paperback)
Publisher: Heske Horror
by Brian L. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/16/2009 05:48:56


Robert Heske’s “Bone Chiller” is a collection of 10 modern tales of horror that offers a little something for everyone. Heske wrote all ten of the short stories himself, and teamed up with a variety of artists on the collection.

The first story is entitled “Her First Day Alone,” and it takes a frightening look into post-partum depression. The mother in the story descends into madness as she thinks about her child having to leave her and go to daycare. Things get pretty ugly from there, and the fact that extreme incidents have occurred in the real world around post-partum depression add another level of creepy to this tale. Monty Borror does a nice job on the art chores, particularly in the haunted look that he creates for the mother, which gets worse and worse as the story wears on.

The rest of the collection features shorter stories, and my two favorites of the bunch are “False Pretenses” and “Dead Dog.” “False Pretenses” features a cautionary tale about internet dating with a twist. “Dead Dog” is the story of a burgeoning serial killer with a god complex that gets him into trouble. Both of the stories are illustrated by a guy named “Zue,” and his stuff jumps of the page. His style is gorgeous and he does a great job with facial expressions and giving characters emotion. I will definitely be looking for more stuff from him.

As a horror fan, I enjoyed all of the stories in Heske’s collection, and fans of “Creepy” or “Tales from the Crypt” should find a lot to like here as well.

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Bone Chiller (Trade Paperback)
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