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Publisher: Diceless by Design
by Augusto C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/05/2005 13:20:26

If you, like me, appreciated the saga wrote down by Roger Zelazny, you will love what this manual contents. If you, like me, are tired to play entire evenings just throwing dices, and need a roleplaying game you may play even by email or in car while driving to holidays with friends, well, this is the product for you. I would not recommend this game for a newcomer in role-playing games. But if you, like me, play them by a lot of time and are looking for more, then, well, this may be the game for you. The rules are rich enough to let you play an incredibly rich multiverse without the need to have a single dice, nor a single need of randomize anything. And this without be rusty, without let you feel stuck nor slow in any way the game. And avoiding superficiality, letting you go as much deep as you like in things, asking you just to try to be narrative (so if you don't like narrative role-playing games, well, this is not for you). I loved Zelazny multiverse, the books and the infinite possibilities of a campaign with that background. And soon discovered this RPG fits perfectly the mood, letting the player (and the master) completely free, giving them anyway a great help at the same time. I love it.

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