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Midnight Chronicles Package $14.95
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by Brendon C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/13/2009 21:30:23

I bought this as an impulse purchase not really sure what I'd get.

What I expected: A medium quality Indie film with decent effects and an okay story. A standalone RPG with an adventure that I would maybe look at and, if I was lucky, run an adventure in.

What I got: A movie that both looks and sounds fantastic with fun characters that brings to life a world I hadn't expected much from. A hungry thirst for a sequel that I eagerly await! An RPG much like Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved in that it is more of a spin-off of DnD 3.5 (a system that I greatly adore). I greatly recommend this bundle to fans of role-playing in a dark and gritty fantasy world.

The only thing that put me of was the 4th Edition adventure. The rule book provided is under the v3.5 rules so I feel they should have made the adventure with the same system. However, I still intend on running the story, while simply changing a few stat blocks.

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Midnight Chronicles Package
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