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Wolfsheim (Scion) $6.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Aric C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/08/2009 14:53:47

Review from Baron Samedi:

The Awesome: I like the story concept. The way the scenario is set up works very well for for a number of styles and approaches, even better then SoT. The interactions of the two competing villains and how the PCs must deal with them is well done. I have run this kind of scenario before, and it seldem fails to please, and this is no exception: it works.

The Good: I like how ultimately much of it is non-railroaded, designed so the PCs make important decisions. It can be railroaded, but a lot is clearly not. Given the somewhat railroad-y start with ...of Shadows Yet to Come and Long Road to Heaven, this is a good break. Despite the good amount of freedom, the bases are covered well.

The Bad: The game does not really take some of the divinary Scion powers into consideration well. That said, it's kinda hard to do that. They get no shit from me. They are more prepared with social powers, which is cool. maybe the Ragarok adventures spoiled me.

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Wolfsheim (Scion)
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