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Publisher: Nerdy City
by Patrick G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/19/2018 21:53:50

All in all, I really like the ideas and what the designers were going for with this game line. The "80's as a genre" approach helps players who didn't get to see the Berlin Wall come down on live TV get into the vibe, and the included setting material gives plenty for both players and the GM to work with.

The execution, though, leaves a little bit to be desired. This Omni system used doesn't really have a lot of meat on its bones and while it helps keep sessions focused on the story, its lack of granularity and documentation (roughly 2/3 of the book itself is dedicated to setting and fluff) is vague to the point of really not knowing how the system should actually work at times. Newcomers to tabletop are going to love how this works; older hands like myself who have been around the block more than once might get a bit frustrated with the lack of structure.

P.S. There are quite a few grammatical errors for as short as this book is. I am sure there are a few of us Kickstarter backers who would have been more than happy to volunteer as outside copy editors.

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