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Mizuumi no bakemono Pay What You Want
Publisher: Chaosium
by LUDOVIC D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/07/2018 17:32:22

This scenario is a very good start for a quick, funny and nice introduction to the Myth of Cthulhu in Japan. It is not common to have a Cthulhu adventure in this country, so it is particularly interesting. The choice of the main Japanese “monsters” is also well chosen as they remind you some of the monsters of the Myth and are quite common in Japanese Mythology (Read the author comments).

The author is also definitively creating a real Japanese Atmosphere where he leads you to his Story. Everything is well documented, so it is not difficult to find his path into the adventure and feel the vibe of it.

I think that this Scenario is particularly well adapted for new players who want to experiment some Cthulhu adventures in modern time and not common place like Japan.

The translation in French of the PDF is a very good initiative and definitively a “plus”! (Thanks for it!)

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Mizuumi no bakemono
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