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Spellbound: The Seer $6.00
Publisher: Crafty Games
by max l. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/07/2009 14:05:39

Spellbound presents the magic engine for Spycraft. Every pdf contains all the rules, including spells that you need to play the presented class and school of magic. The system is easy and fast but more variable and balanced than other d20 systems. Spellcasting classes can wear armor without penalty, which means that they do not suck completely in non-magical combat like in many other d20 systems. Also you have an unlimited number of lvl. 0 spells! You get access to the Spellcasting Skill, which works like any other skill accept that it is limited to magic users. The higher the spell you want to cast the higher the dc. This pdf contains the Seer which, simply put, is a Gandalf like class. The pure beauty of Spellbound is that a sorcery class like the Seer is as useful and fun to play, as a very offensive caster like the Channeler. I’m very satisfied with this product; so far it is the best d20 magic system I know.

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Spellbound: The Seer
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