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Publisher: God Emperor Games
by Eric J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/28/2018 08:46:41

For Gold & Glory is an excellent re-organization of the rules for the 2nd edition of the world's most popular fantasy RPG. Clearly a labor of love, For Gold & Glory has compiled all of the mechanics that worked so well -- the solid, fundamental system of the game -- and excised all of the textual bloat that OSR fans will often criticize in the original edition. While, admittedly, slightly more "crunchy" than earlier editions, this book presents the material in a way that highlights its inherent strength and playability, and with a layout that makes the book highly useable as an in-game reference work. And the price cannot be beat when you consider the amount of information provided within it. Though it includes mostly public domain art, the pieces themselves are well chosen and of good resolution quality, which translates well on the full-color printed page.

My only wish is that the creators had the opportunity to expand the game with a supplemental volume or two -- perhaps something that reintroduced some of the classes that were removed from the original version or added in later editions, but designed with the particular flavor of FG&G gameplay.

If you're a fan of OSR gaming, you should definintely pick up a copy of For Gold & Glory. Well worth your time and (minimal) expense!

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For Gold & Glory
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