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Cry Havoc
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Publisher: Malhavoc Press
by Jason C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/24/2009 12:31:14

This exceptional book continues the top-flight work of Malhavoc games. The idea of an "event book" is one that was long overdue - it is simply easier and more natural to work a massive event like a war or a magical comet into a fantasy game than to suddenly plop a new kingdom or city onto the map.

Cry Havoc is about war, introducing it and making it adventurous in your Third edition campaign. Skip Williams, one of the best of the best, does a tremendous job of making an engaging setting element out of something that is often "too big" for a group of player characters to do much with.

If I were to name one way to improve Cry Havoc, it would be to go into more detail on how things like spying, sabotage and other bits of skullduggery factor into a war. Those are often carried out at a level much closer to the normal group of PCs, and if incorporated into the war system, the players could see their actions turning the tide in a very natural way.

A truly exceptional work, and well-optimized for PDF, though it does not include any extra features in electronic form.

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Cry Havoc
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