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The Rifter® #19
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Publisher: Palladium Books
by Jeremiah L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/21/2009 19:16:39

I'm buying the computer version of this Rifter because they don't sell the hard copy any more, at least at reasonable prices (E-bay is not reasonable). The wand making in here is nice, not as overpowering as the rune weapons, with as much customizability as the rune weapons. It's actually a good reason to get hte Palladium main book, even if you don't play that game (get it for the wards). The more important thing is the new skills. There are lots of them, they are common sense, and just as there are physical skills that give stats, with this there are mental skills that give mental stats. The mental stats are good, but the important thing is they give the player and GM more leeway. They give ideas on how to deal with things like riddles, personal appearance (NOT PB, but grooming and that sort of thing), as well as some of the more schollarly things. There is also a thing about running that allows one the difference between marathon running, cross country running, and sprinting, making the skill more varried and useful, beiond the stat bonuses.

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The Rifter® #19
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