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DARK ASTRAL: Chapbook for Zweihander RPG (Phone PDF + Digital PDF) $9.99 $7.49
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
by Todd S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/18/2018 07:17:25

The included sample setting, or "campaign seed" as it's called, is clearly a riff on 40k. But criticizing a sci-fi supplement for a Warhammer Fantasy heartbreaker for being too much like the sci-fi version of Warhammer Fantasy is missing the point. And besides, the included setting is just a sample. Just like Zweihander itself, you use this information to make your own world.

The bulk of the material is weapons and armor and other gear like cybernetics. There are included rules for things like automatic weapons and corruption gained form cybernetic implants. Some of the terminilogy was cumbersome, like weapon modes of Semi, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto should have been Semi-Auto, Burst, Full-Auto to keep them more in line with not only the real world but with the terminology you'll find in other games, but that might be bordering on the pedantic. There are a few pages of examples of turning existing Zweihander professions into their Dark Astral equivalents, but I would have liked to see a few more (though they covered most of the 40k equivalents). There is some black and white sketch art throughout the book that evokes that 40k/grimdark feel quite well. There are a handful of typos, but nothing that prohibits comprehension. I'd love to see it expanded to a full product, but what we have here is enough for any GM who's already comfortable with running a Zweihander campaign to run a grimdark sci-fi campaign.

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DARK ASTRAL: Chapbook for Zweihander RPG (Phone PDF + Digital PDF)
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