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Hybrid Blood $19.99
Publisher: Silver Games LLC
by Michael S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/22/2018 00:28:17

I bought this to run with Starfinder as a kind of generator of animal themed and based alien speices to offer my players. Then it turns out that pretty much the whole book is devoted to Pathfinder and 5E with a bit of a throwaway line for Starfinder specifically in one of the Pathfinder boxed text. Now granted this is a minor quibble as there is very little real difference in my opinion between the two systems, as a way of contrast M&M is so far removed from its original source material that it's the fact thatt they use a d20 for all resolutions that is the sole reason I keep it under the d20 big top of games which consequently also applies to all three system this book services.

This discrepancy means to me that to use this for starfinder, I take all the pathfinder options and adust accordingly. Fortunately in my estimation there is no adustment to be made butI may find morre to adjust when I get a group of furries to gather around a tabble and try to break the game using this and other rules as is their wont. But for shheer versatility this has been a very satisfying purchase.

Ultimately I can't recommmend this book highly enough as a one stop shop for all your furry race building needs. As a member of the furry community I appreciate having this product immensely as it means I now have the PC friendly resource to take other properties such as iron Claw and Tall Tails and run them in a system I am far more comfortable with. For that I deeply and sincerely applaud your efforts in creating this wonderful resoure.

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Creator Reply:
Glad you like it and I look forward to hearing tales of the hijinks this book enables.

As for Starfinder, I imagine the only real tweak that will come up is natural armor -> KAC/EAC.
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Hybrid Blood
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