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GM's Aid II: Condition Cards $1.96
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Tad K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/14/2009 18:37:28

GM Aid II OGL Condition Cards By 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Product Code 4WFG018 Price $1.75 on Drivethru RPG

In Review: Note: I received a promotional copy. That said I would have been more than glad with the price asked if I had paid for it sight unseen.

The facts on the physical construction It is 8 pages long consisting of the following sheets Full color cover Title Page Introduction 4 pages of status and conditions OGL License

I could have used this not too long ago, taking over GM duties for an online game. A virtual version of this would have aided in a large scale combat to help me track what and who was affected by what.

Running from Ability Damaged to Unconscious this GM Aid covers 38 different status, conditions, modifiers that can affect a Player Character.

Not a lot to say other than, the Introduction gives printing advice and I see absolutely no reason to not invest the cost to make these. The only change I would make is that I would laminate them; in case someone spills their beverage and that would prevent damage.

Otherwise with lamination and Grease Pencils you can customize them to add on Player Character’s Names as well for long term effects, giving it a slightly more tactile feel to the entire encounter.

Go buy them if you are playing or running a game. It will save wear and tear on your books instead of looking up 38 different rules for conditions and circumstances.

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GM's Aid II: Condition Cards
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