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Ghost Ops - A Modern Day Covert Ops RPG $10.00
Publisher: FeralGamersInc
by Holger S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/13/2018 04:10:28

When I read about Ghost Ops at Kickstarter I almost immediately backed the game as the setting sounded quite thrilling. I was not disappointed. Ghost Ops captures the feeling of covert operations perfectly, it's not too heavy on rules whick makes gameplay fittingly fast. If you're more interested in elaborate storytelling and character development this might not be your game, but again this is owed to the setting. The layout of the book is admittedly a bit spartan, still that's no reason to give any less than 5 stars. If you're into special military units and clandestine operations, you really might want to have a look at Ghost Ops.

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Ghost Ops - A Modern Day Covert Ops RPG
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