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Limitless Horizons $2.50
Publisher: UKG Publishing
by Frank G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/06/2009 09:08:09

You like Spirit of the Century? You don't feel the need of extensive new rules? You want an easy way to expand your FATE adventures into space without the trouble to work through the big gorilla that is Starblazer Adventures? Than this is your way to do it.

What you'll get is some advices for the Sci-Fi genre, a few well designed rules to modify what you've got with SotC, some new and modified Stunts (including Quick Stunt Packages), some sample alien races, some sample gear, a neat little sample campaign background and a likewise adventure all put together in an easy to read and nice to look at layout with few but imo classy illustrations.

I really do like this product.

I already own Starblazer Adventures and that is a much more sophisticated approach to the genre but Limitless Horizons is absolutely adequate to get going into space with FATE - in the quick, easy and cheap way.

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Limitless Horizons
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