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The Mecha Hack
Publisher: Absolute Tabletop
by 4640182113160802 M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/25/2018 17:56:07

I found this while doing my once-a-year search for new mecha tabletop rpgs; I waffled a bit on whether or not to make the purchase, as I am not generally an OSR person, but I find myself extremely surprised by how much I like The Mecha Hack. If you're looking for a straightforward, streamlined, combat-focused mecha game that captures the spirit of the genre, you will find a lot to enjoy here. I took a quick look at a free version of the original Black Hack, and the rules presented here stick closely to the source, with just the right number of minor tweaks and additions to make it truly a mecha game and not just a quick re-skin. Part of me wants a bit more in the game for what to do with characters outside their robots, but an equal part of me thinks it's not really necessary. Given the popularity of The Black Hack, the simplicity of the system, and the number of spin-offs it has generated, I imagine that it would be extremely easy to expand on that part of the game if it became important.

Art and layout are good, flavorful, and functional.

5/5. Recommended.

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The Mecha Hack
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