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Shadowrun: Street Lethal (Advanced Combat Rules) $49.99 $24.99
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Timothy M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/19/2018 20:42:25

So, after a series of books about mages or magical threats, we finally get something oriented towards non mages. But, unfortunately, its not really all that useful, though the fluff on mercenaries, corporate security, and such is well written. This book is basically a Gun Heaven + 10 Merc 2 smooshed together. About half the guns are 5e stats for stuff in earlier Gun Heaven books or other 4e products. A few interesting new pieces and a whole bunch of Warhammer-esque "Krime" brand weapons. Shotgun hammers, personal gatling guns, and that sort of thing.

A big section is on 'future tech' weapons in case you want to turn your Shadowrun game into Eclipse Phase with anti grav and personal shields and all that. But with it all being speculative and said to be not really working, so.... okay?

Unfortunately, there is nothing in this book that actually plays towards street samurai or does anything to address the fact that street samurai have real trouble with the hordes of magical threats (bug spirits, shedim, toxic spirits, etc) that are all the rage in the books over the last year. There's nothing in this book that doesn't work at least as well for the adepts and mages in the group. Though the few new mechanics are pretty much just more "small unit tactics" actions that are generally more trouble than they are worth, same as the originals in Run & Gun.

I enjoyed reading the material in the book, but I doubt there's much in it that will ever see a use in a campaign beyond the fluff of someone using an Ares Striker instead of the similar Colt Manhunter. Though if your gameplay style tends more towards the kinds of antics Krime encourages, you'll find more useful stuff than most.

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Shadowrun: Street Lethal (Advanced Combat Rules)
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