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DayTrippers Core Rules $5.00
Publisher: As If Productions
by Mathew D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/16/2018 00:55:27

A well-founded and loving attempt to map the works of writers like Philip K Dick, Robert Anton Wilson and Hunter S Thompson into an old-school science fiction RPG.

The attachment of a fixed-future setting to an open-ended, single-shot setup for the missions may seem incongruous to some forms of modern RPG theory but it’s easy enough to elide aspects of one in favour of the other, according to personal taste. The game’s toolkit system – character classes and dice lay alongside a resolution system derived from Norwegian roleplaying games such as Archipelago and Itras By – suits improvisation on the part of a GM and freewheeling moments of inventiveness on the part of players.

Most impressive is the way in which we’re talking actual gonzo here (as in the marriage of terror and humour to produce an atmosphere of surreal conspiracy) as opposed to “gonzo” the way a lot of role-players use it, to mean all over the shop without a unifying theme. Well worth the investment.

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DayTrippers Core Rules
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