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IRON HEART Complete Set [BUNDLE] $37.50 $30.00
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/12/2018 05:34:21

I was skeptical about Iron Heart when I saw that it was a 'draw a card; play a card' game. However after a few games under my belt, I have to admit it is a really good game.

Pros 1) The primary mechanic keeps the learning curb low. Allowing people who're not familiar with designer games to have a firm understanding of what's going on at all times. 2) The special abilities allow for some lite tactics and introduces enough differences in kinds to give each card a bit of flavor and allow them to feel different enough to keep me both interested and invested in the game. 3) Iron Hearts resolves it's interplay conflict resolution (in the form of attack and defending) with dice. This mechanic appeals to me as it makes every conflict exciting. 4) While there is little offered in the ways of dice control. Some cards allow a level of dice meditation.

Cons 1) Iron Hearts resolves it's interplay conflict resolution with dice. If you don't like losing because of a bad die roll, this game isn't for you. 2) I feel some of the cards special abilities could have been better worded. Such as a card that prevents you from losing if don't roll all misses. O.o Does that mean I win? Do I not lose, but they don't win? In the case of a monster attacking multiple players. If more than one player defeats the monster, who scores the monster in their vault? And if a hero with a card(s) equipt to them is defeated; are the equiped treasure cards discarded with them? or do the treasures remain in your play area to be equiped to another hero at a later time? I think these things could of been better addressed in the rules.

In the end I fell in love with the game. And would suggest it to anyone as a filler game. Iron Heart can be played with 2 players, but it really begins shines with 3-4 players.

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