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Deadball: Year II $10.00 $6.70
Publisher: W.M. Akers
by Mark D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/10/2018 10:10:50

Highly recommended dice rolling baseball game! If you are familiar with the prior offerings, Year II is just what you need if you are craving more! Year II sets up a great story line right as those last days of summer fade into autumn and the pennant race gets moving.

This game is perfect for those who like RPGs but need a break from Orcs, Knights, Clerics, Wizards, etc. It also can be played "lite" if your opponent only understands the basic rules of baseball. The small footprint allows it to be portable, and game play can be short (15-20 mins) or long (60-90+ mins) depending on how creative or advanced you want your experience to be. The rules allow for many variations from solo, to 1 v 1, to multiple players handling the pitching and batting duties. I find the quick short games to be pleasurable and generally there is enough excitement that both players will feel engaged.

For advanced play, Year II provides a deeper dive into gameplay rules. Playing dirty, player development, among other things are added to the game to enrich the experience. For me, these are more so for longer game play, and players who are familiar with the Deadball core rules.

Year II features a franchise builder which allows you focus in on granular details of your created team. One or two wrong dice rolls and your club might be from the middle of nowhere with an anthropomorphic biscuit as the mascot. This is also where Deadball Year II becomes an RPG and sets itself apart from other dice rollers. Options for both ancient and modern parks are outlined. Those finite details are where Year II pulls me in. Play some old timey turn of the century music as you construct your franchise. I do!

Year II also compiles the final match ups for the 2018 and 1910 seasons, picking up where Deadball 1909 left off. It puts you the reader/player in the driver's seat. Player scores will be collected and updated in the next installment Deadball. If you are like me, Deadball Year II is a must have.

The period specific photographs and the essays keep the flavor going. Deadball is an excellent document of the Great American Pastime.

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Deadball: Year II
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