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ELEMENTAL Complete Guide $14.99
Publisher: Gildor Games
by Curt M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/30/2018 11:45:01

I have been gaming and collecting a variety of games since '87. Here's my take. The really positive aspect of the game is that the resolution system appears to be less combersome than some of the games that have clearly influenced it. The not so good: the game system is a little too wed to OGL, Palladium and GURPS design to accomplish what it claims in the page count it currently has. Seperate systems for spells, psionics and powers could be unified, for example, but really, the book needs another 75 solid pages to be the complete game it claims. Content is heavily scewed towards fantasy, and few achetypes are listed for scifi, other than racial ones. There are no superhero achetypes listed. Build system would make the game complete, e.g. a toolbox for creating races, achetypes, monsters, vehicles, mechs, including those more than meets the eye, and starships. Until this is added, it isn't worth $15; $7 maybe, but not $15. Elemental is not a complete universal system, though it is a solid system.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the review, Curt! As an addendum, I would encourage anyone who's interested to check out the free ELEMENTAL Discovery Guide. On pages 50-58 there is a list of all the skills, flaws, archetypes, spells, powers, weapons, vehicles, creatures and characters found right here in the core book. Our experience suggests that it's enough to get started and gives people a good foundation to build from without needing to buy any extra books.
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ELEMENTAL Complete Guide
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