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Ragnarok: Age of Wolves
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Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by thomas m. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/24/2018 16:51:16

Having now read through the rules and watching playthroughs of the game, I can say this is quickly becoming a top favorite of the various skirmish wargames I have purchased over the years. I love the setting and the Norse Saga feel to the game, which is brought about my several unique mechanics inlcuding the wyrd die, Runes, etc. Also something I very much like, it would be very easy to adapt these rule for an RPGlite campaign. There are rules for dismounting riders! This is so cool, and I have yet to see another wargame with mechanics for it. Rules for seigecraft, thematic magic and spells and a great and expanding bestiary. Ragnarok: Age of Wolves has newly inspired me to tackle new and unfinished projects, including a great many unpainted vikings, and a slew of other minis suitable for gaming in "The North". Thank you to Clint Staples and Skirmisher Publishing for producing such a great and unique game.

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Ragnarok: Age of Wolves
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