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Black Pudding #2 Pay What You Want
Publisher: Random Order Creations
by Jeffrey G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/18/2018 13:33:48

Now in its fourth issue, J.V. West’s Black Pudding is one of the most entertaining OSR ‘zines going. Each issue offers 28 pages of 70’s-style, DIY dungeon-crawling craziness, prizing imagination over logic and fun over complexity. And while every Black Pudding feature may not fit into every OSR campaign, West’s rapid-fire writing, exaggerated illustration, expressive hand-lettering (yes, West letters most of the content by hand!) and absolutely unfettered creativity makes every page a hoot to read for anyone who appreciates D&D the way they played it in Lake Geneva.

Read my full review of all four issues of Black Pudding at

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Black Pudding #2
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