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INDEX CARD RPG Core 2E $16.50
by James S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/15/2018 06:37:49

What jumped out at me the most is how good this RPG would be for introducing people to TTRPGs. The system is reminiscent enough of a board game that peoples minds can make the leap from playing board games to TTRPGs. Mechanics like always being in turn order, having the target number for players rolls clearly displayed and having all character progression bonuses condensed into loot (items) make things easier for new players to pick up. Probably my favourite mechanic is the "effort" system, where any task that takes more than one roll (killing a monster, picking a challenging lock, running an long distance race) is assigned so many "hearts" of effort (each heart being 10 points). You 'attack' this effort with the appropriate skill, succeeding if you beat the clearly displayed target number and getting to 'damage' the effort, gradually reducing it to zero. when you succeed. This unified system that treats monster battles and a negotiation the same, along with the games simple mechanics, means that new players won't be left going "uhhhh... what do I roll to do this" that you see in other systems (5e).

The book itself is very short, stylized and engaging. An entire system, plus adventure seeds, two settings and a bunch of monsters in under 220 pages. Not a burden on prospective players to read. I did find some small issues with the document structure though. In some places mechanics were mentioned but not explained (and no page reference for where they could be found). If you kept reading you would eventually find them but a reference e.g. "SPELL BURN (p.80)", would have been helpful as I kept finding myself searching the page to find where I had missed the explanation.

One thing I do not so much criticize as point out is that this is a devil-may-care system designed for fast paced play. People who enjoy slower and more crunchy systems might not like it as much.

I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get their friends into TTRPGs.

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