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The Mother of All Encounter Tables
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Publisher: Necromancer
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Title: Mother of All Encounter Tables Publisher: Necromancer Games For: d20 OGL version 3.0 or 3.5 File Size: 142 page PDF (12.0 MB)

Description: This book reminds me of the old tag line for the "Scrubbing Bubbles" commercial: They worked hard so you don't have to. This book contains encounter tables and random events for every conceivable situation a GM could find themselves in. It is broken down into six sections, each of which is clearly explained in the introduction of the product.

NOTE: This product assumes that you have access to either the original or revised version of the following books: Monster Manual, Tome of Horrors, Creature Collection I and Creature Collection II. If you do not own one or more of these books, space is provided on the tables to remove the entries from books you don't have. You can then fill those blank spots with entries from monster books that you DO have.

Likes: 1) Clear, concise introduction and ten well-explained examples of the tables in use. 2) The PDF is very printer-friendly. The interior of the book is entirely black and white, including the illustrations. 3) The section on "Unusual non-monster encounters" is very entertaining. 4) This product finally gives me a way to randomly generate encouters featuring my favorite non-MM creatures without doing a boatload of work.

Dislikes: 1) The monster encounters are arranged by climate and loaction rather than challenge rating. This creates slightly more work for the GM, but overall, the trade is worth it. 2) I wish I had known about this product when it came out three years ago. (The phrase "Mother of All...." is so trite and over-used that I just disregarded the product.) 3) Some of the artwork is extremely pixelated, as if it had been enlarged too many times or something. (A minor concern, but it still bugs me.)

Overall: Buy this product. It is worth the price of admission.

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The Mother of All Encounter Tables
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